Cashier at food court

COVID has impacted me very badly. I got married in 2019 November then COVID start very badly by January 2020. My wife don’t work I lost number of days at work to just 2days/ week. In April my shop closed. Open later but work less days. I’m the bread winner so Really struggling for rent, food and other allowances. Still now I manage by borrowing from friends but I can’t keep doing this. I need help please!!


Hi, I don’t have work in this moment, my situation there is very bad, the Covid19 has impacted in my health.

Jenny en Happy Babies Day Care en Queens, baby sitter y limpieza de casas independiente

Trabajé en el Day Care, cuidando y cocinando para niños, de lunes a viernes, el día que el gobierno decretó el cierre de sus puertas por el COVID-19 el lunes 16 de marzo del 2020, y desde esa fecha acá no recuperé mi trabajo, las limpiezas las hacía ocasionalmente los sábados y esto también disminuyó totalmente, toda esta situación afectó gravemente la economía y bienestar de mi hogar, ya que no hemos recibido ningún tipo de apoyo a pesar de que pagamos nuestras declaración de impuestos desde el primer año que decidimos establecernos en este país.


I worked in a laundromat before covid-19 full time. After i got sick in april 2020 i couldn’t work and my boss fired me. I fo not qualify for ant federal help because i am currently undocumented. I have two teen boys and i always teach them to work hard but now that i cant work i don’t know how my family will make it.

Discriminación en warehouse

¡Necesito ayuda para cubrir mis gastos de comida! Soy indocumentado, no tengo ayuda del gobierno, sufro de una enfermedad crónica, necesito tomar mis medicamentos todos los días y no tengo dinero para pagar mis gastos! ¡Me despidieron injustamente de mi trabajo!

discrimination in warehouse

I need help to cover my food expenses! I am undocumented, I do not have help from the government, I suffer from a chronic illness, I need to take my medications every day and I do not have money to pay my expenses! I was unfairly fired from my job!

Cleaning single mom

Mom of four kids and now with only a part time job things have been super tight. Specially with kids also been home and I’m trying my best to be able to keep up with bills rent diapers ect has been really hard these past months I would be more then blessed if I can get help with some money for rent and things my two smallest kids need like wipes & diapers.

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Please spread the word far and wide to friends, coworkers, or anyone that’s eaten at a restaurant at some point in their lives, who may be interested in showing some solidarity now!

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