Event planner for social impact and community outreach, contract worker for non-profits, career focused on resource accessibility for marginalized communities.

Hi! Thank you for the opportunity for myself and also for so many others that have been impacted. Resources like this is what serves our communities and I am so happy to see opportunities like this for so many people that are dealing with such hardship. I freelance on work on projects, live events, and programming and production, all surrounding social impact efforts, increasing resource accessibility for marginalized communities, and community outreach for non-profits and private sector.
As soon as the COVID shutdown hit in NYC in late March, all my gigs ended and even future gigs were cancelled (a lot of them were live events that take months and months of programming and planning). One of my clients has completely gone out of business, so I know there will be no return for that work. And a lot of the rest relied on live events – which now it is pretty obvious that that world won’t return until another year. At first I thought, as so many others, this will last a few months. But now it is much clearer that it will have a long-lasting impact on myself and so many others.
My partner is an essential worker in a supermarket, and both of our salaries are needed in order to cover costs of living. As soon as we lost my income, we had to either resort to not paying bills, and also using our credit cards too much for the purchase of groceries and essentials (soap, hand sanitizer, things like that to keep us safe – especially as my husband is an essential worker and we didn’t want to forego on buying things that will protect our lives so we just have been putting them on credit cards). We are absolutely fortunate that he still has an income, but the added stress and trauma of him working in an unsafe environment has cost us a lot – physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. We applied for state benefits including SNAP, but it has taken MONTHS to process. They miscalculated our income which led to a denial and we had to request for a fair hearing to re-evaluate it since they made a mistake (which they admitted to). So now our application has gone back into processing, which could take additional months until it is determined. I applied way back in April.
The length of the financial stress is lasting longer than I previously thought and I just cannot tell at all what is in our future.
I appreciate the consideration and support, for myself as well as community. It’s communities like this that really hold us together. Thank you.

Limpiadora independiente

mi trabajo era de 5 días,tenia un salario semanal,pero cuando empezó la pandemia Cobid19,me descansaron,desde el 15 de marzo estoy desempleada,tenia un ahorro pero hasta el día de hoy,ya no tengo nada,trate de buscar ayuda pero no califico para nada por mi estatus migratorio,soy madre de 2 niños, y estoy en una muy mala situacion,ayuda por favor

Prep cook y diswacher en teatro bar restaurante

Mi trabajo era de 15 horas diarias ya que me doblaba en turno para obtener mis gastos necesarios, tengo 2 hijos y hemos tenido que pasar por diferentes ayudas y sustentos alimenticios en diferentes iglesias. Estoy tratando de cubrir los gastos básicos sin embargo no alcanza, agradezco la ayuda que me puedas proveer. Mil gracias

Nightlife entertainment aerialist performer

Due to my Cystic Fibrosis I am not comfortable seeking work during the COVID -19 Pandemic. I do not have the capabilities to work as an Essential worker. Due to COVID 19 all nightlife has been closed since March in NYC. I was approved for unemployment and am receiving $182 weekly.


Once this started we were sent home , and forced to use our own time. For those whom didn’t have the time had to make it up. Once called back to work, we were used as ambassadors of social distance and gave PPE to the community. No one ever being tested , someone caught it and now we are quarantined again.

Gig Driver picking up people from or to hotels

I have lost all my jobs because hotels are closed, airports are closed, people are not moving anywhere because they can not move and should not. This is the safe thing to do, especially because I am in New York which is hit so hard. However, I have a family of five to support. I have three daughters: two are in college and one is in high school. One daughter just finished her second year of college and she is in a medical school program. Her medical school program cost is not cheap with all the supplies and books she needs. She works with a used 2011 laptop to complete her homework and her tests at home. It is difficult for me to see and not be able to help. All of my daughters went to Specialized High Schools. My oldest daughter went to Bronx Science and my two youngest went to Stuyvesant. I always tell them school before anything and I would sell everything for them to complete school because in Bangladesh my wife and I never had the chance to. Gig driving was something and the only thing that came easy for an immigrant like me to quickly learn. Without it, I cannot pay the bills or pay my daughters tuitions, books, and supplies. Coronavirus has taken away my only means of paying for everything, and left my family in terrible circumstances. Any and every help is greatly appreciated.

Extra en un restaurante

Aun no he podido volver a mi trabajo, en el restaurante que laboraba aun no han empezado a atender ya que no hay servicio adentro, soy madre soltera y estoy realmente afectada con esto del covid…no tengo recursos en estos momentos.

Food Expeditor

Desempleada desde la pandemia actualmente en búsqueda de empleo. Soy madre de dos hijas. El ingreso de mi esposo no es suficiente para cubrir los gastos de alquiler y comida. Hemos acumulado una deuda de alquiler de 2800$. Necesitamos ayuda para salir a flote.

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Please spread the word far and wide to friends, coworkers, or anyone that’s eaten at a restaurant at some point in their lives, who may be interested in showing some solidarity now!

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