I working clean room in the hotel and house but pay less hours. In addition, it is in low season and monmenenough to pay rent, food and passage. It’s already giving me vertigo as a result of this situation and I need help please

Uber driver

I think since because everybody is out working and so many people are on the road it’s impacted me a lot I wasn’t making the money I was making a year ago and on top of that my wife isn’t working due to some issues lately it’s been really rough

Take seniors out/ groceries

Because of shut down
I was not able to work 2019/2021
My family is high risk
Father has cancer
Daughter has heart disease,she is on the heart transplant list now
Me going out to work puts them at risk
Because of Covid19 I couldn’t work

industria de insumos para medicinas

nos mandaron a casa por mas de 3 meses cuando la pandemia llego a tu top, y yo no era elegible para ayuda del govierno o desempleo y desde entonces tengo varios meses de renta retrasada porque le di prioridad a la comida, Luego la fabrica re_abrio pero estamos con reduccion de horas

louisiana hurricane

I need help, I come from Louisiana !! I just arrived in New York! I lost my house, my belongings! I have no resources, I need to buy food and pay a room to be able to stabilize myself !! Please, I ask you for a little help to get ahead in this difficult situation that we are going through.

Share the love, share #S4SNYC
Please spread the word far and wide to friends, coworkers, or anyone that’s eaten at a restaurant at some point in their lives, who may be interested in showing some solidarity now!

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