Actor & Freelancer in dire need

Because of Covid, I haven’t had an income in over 4 months, and have $40 in my bank account. After theaters and restaurants closed, I lost all my sources of income. I am facing losing my housing and in need of immediate help if possible.
I intend to pay it forward when I can. Thank you for taking on this initiative! I do not have family resources to fall back on or support.

Director and Showrunner for a new Quibi series that is now not coming back

I was working on a new Quibi series called Beauty as the lead filmmaker; the point of the show is to smash existing beauty standards around the world. I was guaranteed 20 weeks of work starting on January 15, 2020 plus an end bonus; everything was cancelled on March 16, 2020 due to the virus (I was paid through March 20, 2020). I went through my savings in 2019 due to bad family circumstances so I really needed this gig. In addition, my health care ended the end of March so I now have an additional $789 COBRA expense every month. I would go without health care but I suffer from extreme dry eye syndrome that requires daily eye drops called Xiidra that cost over $1,000/monthly without insurance.

DJ y busser en restaurante Sotto13 (DJ and Busser at Sotto13)

DJ Paisa Bar y Ritmos 60’s y busser en restaurante tanto los bares, discotekas y restaurantes cerraron completamente y perdi mi trabajo mi fuente de ingreso y eso ha generado problemas alimenticios y para pagar la renta (I’m a DJ and busser and many bars and restaurants have closed. I’ve lost my sources of income and this has caused difficulties in acquiring food and paying rent. Please help if you can.)

Freelance Singer and server at STK Steakhouse

Hi there!
Both of my forms of income have been decimated due to covid 19. I was laid off from my steakhouse job and currently there is no chance of gigs or performing anywhere in NYC for the foreseeable future. Additionally, I moved in the beginning of March at considerable personal expense so to about 10 days later have zero source of income has been a huge challenge.

Paint & Sip Instructor

I used to manage, run, and instruct up to 5 paint & sips a week at different restaurants and bars. When the pandemic hit the parent company that I was contracted under canceled all my events and switched to virtual. Virtual just isn’t the same as seeing all of my regulars and wasn’t making ends meet so I had to stop to get unemployment. I don’t know, even with some restaurants reopening, when I’ll be able to host a group of 20 people painting together again. There’s so many risk factors involved, it’s a scary and uncertain world to live in.

BIPOC sex worker with compromised immune system


Ever since NYC has been hit with covid, I haven’t had a gig since March 16th. It’s been 3 months and I’ve been going through every last cent in my savings. I do not qualify for unemployment and I’ve received donation amounts in the very beginning but all has run dry. I’m out of options and I cannot risk working again because of my compromised immune system. This is my primary job that helps pay everything including my medications. I’m behind on so many things it’s upsetting to be reminded.

Server captain at weddings

All the hotels, catering agencies, and private clients I had worked for cancelled their events in the beginning of March and it’s unclear when the industry will reopen. I was renting a loft/commercial space at the time and so couldn’t freeze rent because the law wouldn’t prevent my eviction. I’ve gone into debt to pay for housing. There is also a dental need I need to resolve urgently (extraction and bone graft).

concert pianist

I’m a concert pianist and due to the covid all my recitals cancelled and I lost my income. Also I’m a church pianist but the church where I’m playing the piano is still not holding an events and I’m not getting the payment. Also i have a huge dental problem

Waitress, Cater waiter, Nanny, Tour guide

Hi there. I am an actor/singer/musician, and singer work multiple jobs to make ends meet. All of my “survival” jobs, serving, catering, nannying and tutoring, are obsolete or I have been let go. I had a show in Sonoma lined up for July and a great paying cruise ship gig after that, and obviously both are cancelled. I am so grateful that I have my health, but I am extremely worried for my future and the future of the child in my care.

Share the love, share #S4SNYC
Please spread the word far and wide to friends, coworkers, or anyone that’s eaten at a restaurant at some point in their lives, who may be interested in showing some solidarity now!

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