BIPOC sex worker with compromised immune system


Ever since NYC has been hit with covid, I haven’t had a gig since March 16th. It’s been 3 months and I’ve been going through every last cent in my savings. I do not qualify for unemployment and I’ve received donation amounts in the very beginning but all has run dry. I’m out of options and I cannot risk working again because of my compromised immune system. This is my primary job that helps pay everything including my medications. I’m behind on so many things it’s upsetting to be reminded.

Server captain at weddings

All the hotels, catering agencies, and private clients I had worked for cancelled their events in the beginning of March and it’s unclear when the industry will reopen. I was renting a loft/commercial space at the time and so couldn’t freeze rent because the law wouldn’t prevent my eviction. I’ve gone into debt to pay for housing. There is also a dental need I need to resolve urgently (extraction and bone graft).

concert pianist

I’m a concert pianist and due to the covid all my recitals cancelled and I lost my income. Also I’m a church pianist but the church where I’m playing the piano is still not holding an events and I’m not getting the payment. Also i have a huge dental problem

Waitress, Cater waiter, Nanny, Tour guide

Hi there. I am an actor/singer/musician, and singer work multiple jobs to make ends meet. All of my “survival” jobs, serving, catering, nannying and tutoring, are obsolete or I have been let go. I had a show in Sonoma lined up for July and a great paying cruise ship gig after that, and obviously both are cancelled. I am so grateful that I have my health, but I am extremely worried for my future and the future of the child in my care.

Independent Filmmaker

I am an independent filmmaker, specifically director and producer of short abs feature films, tv show and live events for tv broadcast. I work 90% for Chinese American market and for me gig cancelation started since February. I have had a couple of small projects but all my annual projects have been cancelled or postponed until 2020. I’m trying to keep busy and to pívot towards more post-production work until filming can restart but I’m running out of savings. Hope this passes soon and that the industry goes back to normal, but I’m afraid it can take awhile.

Freelance Theatre Artist

I am a freelance theatre artist. I was laid off on March 12th and haven’t been able to find work since. The theatre industry in NYC is rumored to be shit down until spring 2021. I have blown through my savings due to the lack of income.

Actor at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and elderly volunteer in handyman services.

I was an actor at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where I performed in 2-3 plays in repertory, meaning I would do one play in the afternoon and an entirely different play at night. I also led school tours for visiting students. I was scheduled to be on contract through the end of October but was laid off in March due to COVID-19, essentially losing an entire year’s work. I live in Ashland, Oregon with my wife and two young kids, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is IT for union actors in the area. It’s not LA or NY where I could possibly find other work in my location. And due to Governor Brown stating the live events will not return to Oregon until a vaccine is found, I have no prospect of returning to work until late 2021 – also restated by the Artistic Director of the festival. My income loss amounts to over $55,000. This includes another play I received an offer for in the winter of 2020 that was since rescinded due to the virus.

To further devastate our financial and family situation, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, with her treatment already costing thousands of dollars – even with health coverage. She still has her job thankfully, but will need to use up the entirety of her sick and vacation time, and will need to miss work for her care. I will also have increased childcare costs so I can attend to her while she receives treatment.

We are in the middle of any family’s worst nightmare. I am humbly requesting any financial support that can be provided.

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