Limpiaba casas y oficinas. Daba Reiki

Estaba limpiando casas y oficinas entre semana y los fines de semana ofrecía mis servicios de Reiki.
Debido al covid-19 perdí el trabajo de limpieza mis patrones ya no quisieron que fuera a sus casas y las oficinas cerraron. También debido a que los niños están en casa tomando clases online no me a sido fácil conseguir más trabajo. Incluso ya no me fue posible continuar con los servicios de Reiki.

Free lance web designer, entrepreneur and caregiver for the elderly

Hi I’m Enysia I’m a freelance graphic designer where I do graphic design in my free time as a extra source of income to help save up for my small business that I wish to start soon before I finish high school. I also help take care of the elderly by helping them clean their homes, do small chores such as laundry, caring for their pets, and running errands for a little extra money to help my family pay bills. Covid has impacted me by taking away 1 of my main incomes which was caring for the elderly due to them being at higher risk for covid which is starting to impact my family by putting us behind in bills since everyone cant pitch in.

Limpieza de casas

soy madre soltera d 3 niños y anteriormente trabajaba en limpieza de casas o niñera devido al panademia perdi el empleo y hoy en día tengo problemas para pagar la renta de mi hogar y aveces para comprar alimentos y otros servicios

A domestic house cleaner

I was cleaning people’s h iui uses and making pretty decent money. Until the Covid-19 crisis. I went from enough to nothing. No income and I was denied unemployment. So I’m really in need of money for everyday needs and food. If that was not bad enough now my car need a new transmission. I can’t catch a break .

Residential and commercial cleaning

Before COVID I was building my clientele for my future cleaning business. I had 13 recurring clients whom were like family. I was making $600-$700 a week. From one day to the next my income went to $0 and my new profession as an elementary teacher to my 6 year old daughter started.
My mental health took a nose dive and my anxiety rocketed.

Freelance Nanny and Tutor

My name is Arijeta and I am a rising senior in college. I have supported myself and my family through my freelance nanny and tutoring jobs. I have worked as both a nanny and a tutor since high school. I am not with a particular agency, so when COVID-19 hit, I was not able to file for unemployment. The first few months were pretty okay since I had some savings left and I received some relief funds from my school. However, it was only a few hundred dollars. I live with 5 people and only one working parent. My father is disabled and my brother also lost his job. These past few months have been a struggle to support both myself and my family since I lost my job and my savings are almost gone.

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