Trabajadora Domestica – limpieza y cocinando (Domestic Worker – cleaning and cooking)

Soy una madre soltera la cual no soy elegible para recibir ayuda debido a mi estatus migratorio, debido a la pandemia me quedé sin trabajo mis antiguos Jefes se mudaron mi jefe no pudo ayudarme por que perdió su trabajo, tengo un bebé pequeño al cual sigo amamantando y estos días han sido muy duros para ambos no tengo familia aquí y la calidad de mi leche se ah visto afectada, eh aplicado para ayudas en pañales o comida pero solo eh recibido notificaciones que por el momento no hay fondos de algunas organizaciones, espero en Dios que me puedan ayudar! Estoy desesperada por pagar mi renta y gastos básicos para las necesidades de mi bebé.

(I am a single mother who is not eligible for help due to my immigration status. Due to the pandemic I lost my job. My former bosses moved. My boss could not help me because he lost his job. I have a small baby whom I continue to breastfeed and these days have been very hard for both of us. I don’t have a family here and the quality of my milk has been affected. I have applied for help in diapers or food but I have only received notifications that at the moment there are no funds from some organizations. I hope in God help me! I am desperate to pay my rent and basic expenses for my baby’s needs.)

Freelance piano teacher, tutor, one night week server, pt house cleaner

For 10 years I have raised my 2 kids solely on my freelance work. I cleaned one house per week. I taught piano on a community piano. I tutored high needs kids in person. I taught in person math and science classes and ran after school clubs. We had little, but wanted for nothing. 2019 was full of hospitals and doctors as we worked to determine cause and path for one child’s chronic lung disease. All savings were spent surviving that year. Now Covid. Inside – all of the time. High risk – cannot go out. Zero income. Tiny amount of unemployment just started – not a livable income. We own no piano – so continuing to teach and transitioning this to online is not feasible. We don’t own a laptop or other devices for transitioning to online teaching. Food donations do not include allergy safe foods – so unfortunately are not a help. All bills are overdue and keep piling up. Being cooped up inside a tiny apt is not helping lung health…but neighbors not wearing masks makes it vital we stay in….until/maybe we can find a new location to be. Covid has made our lives h___l. We spent the first two months of Covid just plain hungry. Now we search for a way to help others – but need some help ourselves – – financial support to convert income to being virtual/at home income – because as a high risk family, we’ll be inside for much longer.

Trabajaba en una tortillería empacando delivery también realizando limpiezas (Worked in a tortilla store packing delivery and cleaning)

Me he quedado sin empleo no recibo ayudas, ya que por esta pandemia los restaurantes cerraron, entonces mi trabajo se acabó por que no habían pedidos para despachar no tengo forma de cómo en el momento recibir algún ingreso soy madre soltera.

(It has kept me without a job. I did not receive aid. Because of this pandemic, the restaurants closed, so my job ended because we had no orders to dispatch. I have no way of receiving any income at the moment. I am a single mother.)

Indigenous mother/caretaker in need of help

I haven’t been able to make ends meet my father is out of work and cannot work because he is immunocompromised, we are behind in rent and we barely make it to buy enough groceries for me and my kids.
I’m a single mother indigenous really needing help, I’m trying not to quit my last class in order to graduate but work, rent due, bills and food is making me want to
I know not many people have paypal but I also have Venmo which is under my same email. I appreciate anything anyone gives me.

Limpieza de casas (House Cleaner)

Mi trabajo es limpiar oficinas y departamentos ,lamentable por el corona virus me despidieron y necesito por favor que me ayuden de ser posible ,les agradesco por la buena voluntad Dios les bendiga (My job is to clean offices and apartments, unfortunately because of the Coronavirus I was fired and I need please help me if possible, I thank you for the good will God bless you)

Babysitter from brooklyn

We are parents of a 1 year old and a 4 year old. I lost my job as a babysitter in march and my husband lost his job at a restaurant the next week. We cannot get the presidents stimulus check and we also cannot get unemployment money. We are behind on the rent, we would need money to pay rent, pay bills and buy diapers. Thank you

Trabajadora Doméstica (Domestic Worker)

Yo he perdido varios días de trabajo ahora trabajo un día ala semana aveces dos y tengo tres niños mi cituacion es muy difícil la verdad esque es muy complicado con los gastos del día a día
Y me encantaría recibir noticias de ustedes que me puedan ayudar.
Gracias (I’ve lost multiple days of work. I now only work one or two days a week, and I have three children. My situation is very difficult and very complicated with regard to everyday expenses. I would love to hear something from any of you who is/are able to help me. Thank you)

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