Ayudante de limpieza (Maintenance worker/cleaner)

Yo trabajaba de limpieza independiente en lo que me saliera ,y trabajaba por días para una tortillería acomodando los delivery debido a esta pandemia la tortillería bajó su producción y no me pudieron seguir dando trabajo soy madre soltera y cómo he podido e sacado mi hijo adelante pero en este momento se me hace imposible seguir adelante ya que no cuento con recursos . (I was working independently as a maintenance worker/cleaner, as well as working during the day for a tortilla producer. Due to the pandemic, the tortilleria has cut production and can no longer provide me with work. I’m a single mother and previously I was able to support myself and my son, but as of this moment I am unable to find a way to make ends meet. Please help!)

Graduate Student/Babysitter/Tutor

Im currently a Grad student who will be in my final semester of Grad school this coming fall. Due to covid, private families that I had tutored for no longer needs care. I am ineligible to receive unemployment and almost every fund I have signed up for have met their amount of people that they can help out. I am in need of funds to help pay off for my final semester of grad school as well as other expenses. Tuition is due in late July and it’s already mid June and I really don’t want to have to take a semester off because of this situation that Covid has has put me in. I cant ask to borrow money from friends because they are in the same boat as me. I can’t take out a loan either to pay for my tuition so I’m in a really rough spot.


Yo me encargaba de mantener una casa limpia y ordenada pero cuando empeso la pandemia me suspendieron por que no querian ariesgarse de que yo llevara el virus y ahora estoy en casa con mis hijas sin trabajo (I have been employed with keeping a house clean and orderly but because of the pandemic my work is stopped because they don’t want to risk that I bring the virus, and I am now at home with my kids without any work.)

Heart on Sleeve babysitter.

Before Covid-19 I use to be the babysitter for 2 boys. Not only did I take care of them but also were like their big brother. Due to Covid-19 I haven’t been able to see them again in person due to social distancing etc. I no longer have a job, I no longer have money for basic needs. I need to pay rent, phone, food., etc. Any help will be welcomed.

Babysitter, Volleyball Coach, Tutor

There is no more care needed, I’ve been reaching out, I haven’t signed up for any funds, and it’s impossible to do unemployment as a gig person. No one needs tutoring, and I had so much lined. up but everyone canceled. My volleyball coaching job was completely canceled as well, which has left me to rely on the family that is also struggling with anything that helps. COV-19 has put me in a situation I’ve never thought I’d be on, having to borrow money and not being able to help my mother, leaving us short in food, paying rent, and worrying about other utility bills. I live in a single-parent home, I’m a college student with 3 other siblings.

Indigenous woman in need of help

I haven’t been able to make ends meet my father is out of work and cannot work because he is immunocompromised, we are behind in rent and we barely make it to buy enough groceries for me and my kids.
I’m a single mother indigenous really needing help, I’m trying not to quit my last class in order to graduate but work, rent due, bills and food is making me want to

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