Server captain at weddings

All the hotels, catering agencies, and private clients I had worked for cancelled their events in the beginning of March and it’s unclear when the industry will reopen. I was renting a loft/commercial space at the time and so couldn’t freeze rent because the law wouldn’t prevent my eviction. I’ve gone into debt to pay for housing. There is also a dental need I need to resolve urgently (extraction and bone graft).

Freelance Fashion Styling Asst.

I’m a freelance fashion assistant in NYC and since March I’ve been out of work. It doesn’t look like my industry is going back to work anytime soon. I’m a single mom of four, my oldest son an engineering student had to move back home because his college closed doorms due to covid. It’s all been an adjustment financially but thankfully we are all healthy and safe.

Theatre arts teacher and grant writer immunocompromised

I am a theatre arts teacher and arts grant writer who was laid off due to lack of funding at a performing arts school. I am immunocompromised and had a heart attack at 34. I am unable to go out and work as someone with a low immune system. All of my fundraising clients are currently closed and unable to fulfill contracts.

Mystery Shopper

I relied on mystery shopping, product audits, misc. gigs, etc. to help pay some of my bills. With COVID, that industry has taken a hit.

Uber Driver, Freelance Web design Gig Worker

I am immune compromised single mom who had to stop working due to Covid 19. I have no child care and live with my 80 year elderly mother who had 3 open heart surgeries in 2019 and is still recovering. I had to stop working due to my compromised health a well as my mom. I have not been able to return to work.

Makeup artist

I’m a makeup artist working out of NYC. I do weddings, music videos, campaigns, prom and any special occasion people are having. I had many clients booked for this spring/summer and all have been canceled due to covid. This is my busy season and winter usually slows down for me. The money I did have saved for my slow season is now gone and I’m stretching and saving anything I have. I don’t know when people will feel comfortable with getting my services again.

Babysitter, Volleyball Coach, Tutor

There is no more care needed, I’ve been reaching out, I haven’t signed up for any funds, and it’s impossible to do unemployment as a gig person. No one needs tutoring, and I had so much lined. up but everyone canceled. My volleyball coaching job was completely canceled as well, which has left me to rely on the family that is also struggling with anything that helps. COV-19 has put me in a situation I’ve never thought I’d be on, having to borrow money and not being able to help my mother, leaving us short in food, paying rent, and worrying about other utility bills. I live in a single-parent home, I’m a college student with 3 other siblings.

Indigenous woman in need of help

I haven’t been able to make ends meet my father is out of work and cannot work because he is immunocompromised, we are behind in rent and we barely make it to buy enough groceries for me and my kids.
I’m a single mother indigenous really needing help, I’m trying not to quit my last class in order to graduate but work, rent due, bills and food is making me want to

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