louisiana hurricane

I need help, I come from Louisiana !! I just arrived in New York! I lost my house, my belongings! I have no resources, I need to buy food and pay a room to be able to stabilize myself !! Please, I ask you for a little help to get ahead in this difficult situation that we are going through.

Help me, please 🙏

I lost my job for the situation of COVID-19 I was fired and can no longer recover my place !! I am Indocument and not and could find a stable job! I don’t have help from anything or government, I don’t have any financial resources to pay for my rent. I need electricity and gas for my 2 children, I have 2 chronic asthma diseases which prevents me from getting up because I have to take my daily medicines!


desafortudamente perdí mi trabajo por la situación de COVID-19 me despidieron y ya no puede recuperar mi Lugar !! Soy Indocumento y no e podido encontrar un trabajo estable! No cuento con ayuda de nada ni de gobierno,no tengo recursos económicos para pagar mi renta luz y gas me hace falta comida para mis 2 hijos ,tengo 2 enfermedades crónicas asma lo cual aveces me impide recupéreme ya que tengo que tomar mis medicamentos diario!

Caregiver for elderly Irish man

Hi my name is Shyrell Brady and I came to nyc from co.Monaghan in Ireland to meet members of my biological family after being raised in foster care in Ireland. Unfortunately it was hard for me to fit in with my aunts & cousins because I wasn’t used to being in a family and I felt like I didn’t belong. When the pandemic hit i found myself in a very tough situation, a mom to 5 all born here, i have no papers and i lost my job for the elderly man i cared for for years. As you know i was entitled to absolutely no American help. I do receive foodstamps of 704 and 226.50 cash assistance a month only for my children. I have reached out to every agency i can think of but nobody helps me. They say they will & then they stop replying and i feel like im bothering them. I have no family here or at home. Im doing my best to get by with charity clothes donations & pantries but it’s still wasn’t enough & the charity grandma’s love that was helping closed down. I can’t afford to pay my bills, keep the wifi on for remote school and pay for diapers and wipes and all the other necessities with 226.50 a month. I don’t know where to turn or who to ask. I just want to be able to provide for my children and work on everything I need to get my papers. I turned to an Irish group on fb for advice and those ladies tore me limb from limb. I know my story sounds unbelievable but it is my absolute truth and i feel like I have been forgotten in this pandemic. What category do i fall into? Door after door is closed on me. Im lost, I don’t know who to ask or what to do anymore. The Emerald Isle said last year they would apply for an Irish grant for me but now they just keep saying the criteria changed. Where do i & my kids fit in? What criteria do we fit? I can’t get unemployment i can’t get the stimulus for myself or my children. I qualify for nothing. Please please please can someone help send me in the right direction. I just need a hand up and im hoping that someway somehow your agency has the answers for me. Im willing to prove everything im saying is true just please help me get back on my feet. Covid has left me without options.
Ty for even reading this & God bless
Shyrell Brady 9177751947
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Dog walker/ housekeeper

I lost all my jobs due to Covid and not being able to work. Kids were home and I used up my savings and credit card to take care of them during that time. Bills piled up and I can’t even afford to pay them or buy food for the kids and myself. I will be happy with any help I can receive. Thanks

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