server /waitress at Tinys Dinner Riverdale

i worked at tinys dinner and lost my job due to covid last year when covid was on a rise and told my boss wont be coming for 2 weeks as my babies day care shut down due to the pandemic and he asked me not to come anymore.. ever since i have been out of job… i do some small gigs of house keeping and cleaning once in a while these days… my daughter is 2 now and she is the only once who is a US national and my son who is 15 and my self we are undocumented and dont get any federal benefits. also i get SNAP benefits but only for my daughter .

Former bartender at now closed ClancysTavern

Wanted to make us all laugh because the baby I’ve been staying in a hotel paying weekly since covid and now with the restrictions being lifted the hotel is no longer taking weekly gusts because the summer is coming up I have to move out by the Thursday before Memorial Day and I have some money saved but not enough to get first last and security at a place and all the hotels Skyrocket around here because I’m on a New Jersey Shore and I won’t be able to afford a weekly rate at a hotel

Waiter at Kellog’s diner

I entered the U.S. in 2017 legally.
I decided to stay to live in the US. While trying to find a job I was spending my money, my family owns a company for windows door and locks back in my home country Montenegro. Most of the time until April 2019 I was spending money that I saved back home. In 2019 I started working as a waiter at Kellogs diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I served the community with dignity and pride, it was my honor to be a part of the Brooklyn community and contributing to the society. Everything was perfect until Covid started. My last working day at Kellogs was March 12th 2020. It has been a real struggle since then. I wasn’t working for 8 months and in the meantime I got in dept around 25.000$.
I started working for a cable company called ‘Connect US’, worked for about 4 months and I had to stop doing that job too because I wasn’t able to make an appointment at DMV for a driving license. Also Covid related problem.
I have troubles with my landlord, sometimes I don’t have enough money for food. I’m getting married soon, my girlfriend is an American citizen and I will apply for SSID and work authorization. But now I really need help.

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