Server at Carmine’s Italian restaurant Times Square

Let’s start with I WILL be going back to work once this is over. It’s just a matter of when. The “when” is what’s keeping me up at night. I’m tapping into my savings to pay bills. It’s keeping me afloat but I have no room to breathe. My asthma meds alone are costing me $300 a month. I’m on the waitlist for Medicaid, but that can be later rather than sooner. I’m really just trying to get by. Anything helps.

Catering delivery (de comida)

Tengo más de tres meses sin trabajo les agradecería de corazon si me ayudaron tengo muchas cosas que pagar renta luz teléfono mi familia para comer les agradecería (I’ve been without work for three months, and it would give me so much joy if anyone could help me. I have many bills to pay: rent, electric, phone, food for my family. I would be very grateful!)

Mesera (Server)

Hola Buenas Tardes Debido an Covid 19 sali del trabajo el 15 DE marzo.. Y tuve que ir a la emergencia el 17 ufff con mucho Sintomas a lo cual tuve qua mantener una Cuarentena obligatiria por licencia Medica Cuando volvieron a reabrir a finales DE Abril disminuyeron el personal y no estoy laborando . (Hello and good evening! Due to COVID-19, I lost my job on March 15. On the 17th I had to go to the emergency room because I was having symptoms, and then had to self-quarantine per medical advice. When I returned to my job on April 15, they had laid off many staff and I now have no work. This has has affected me both economically and emotionally. I am not receiving any assistance from the government, and can’t unless/until I acquire a change in status.)

Head Bartender at Wallsé in The Village

We’ve been quarantined for 3 months now, my partner has yet to receive unemployment, which stretches the little funds we have extremely far. We no longer have savings left and are looking at Pandemic Relief expiring at the end of July with terror


Yo trabajo en un restaurante y en estos momento la situación para mi ah sido difícilmente eh estado parado y con una situación de deudas espero por lo menos sólo una ayudita

Gracias por su atención

DJ y busser en restaurante Sotto13 (DJ and Busser at Sotto13)

DJ Paisa Bar y Ritmos 60’s y busser en restaurante tanto los bares, discotekas y restaurantes cerraron completamente y perdi mi trabajo mi fuente de ingreso y eso ha generado problemas alimenticios y para pagar la renta (I’m a DJ and busser and many bars and restaurants have closed. I’ve lost my sources of income and this has caused difficulties in acquiring food and paying rent. Please help if you can.)

Restaurant and hospitality industry, Server.

My name is lizeth. I been working on hospitality industry for about 5 years now, my last job was as a captain in simón &the Whale a huge company whit 5 more restaurants, I worked there for almost 2 years and half my role basically was be server in breakfast, lunch and brunch, in a pretty busy aérea but for the covid they closed on March.

I love the hospitality industry so I would like to continue doing what I like to do make people happy in every table and create memories. 

Freelance Singer and server at STK Steakhouse

Hi there!
Both of my forms of income have been decimated due to covid 19. I was laid off from my steakhouse job and currently there is no chance of gigs or performing anywhere in NYC for the foreseeable future. Additionally, I moved in the beginning of March at considerable personal expense so to about 10 days later have zero source of income has been a huge challenge.

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Please spread the word far and wide to friends, coworkers, or anyone that’s eaten at a restaurant at some point in their lives, who may be interested in showing some solidarity now!

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