Ayudante de limpieza (Maintenance worker/cleaner)

Yo trabajaba de limpieza independiente en lo que me saliera ,y trabajaba por días para una tortillería acomodando los delivery debido a esta pandemia la tortillería bajó su producción y no me pudieron seguir dando trabajo soy madre soltera y cómo he podido e sacado mi hijo adelante pero en este momento se me hace imposible seguir adelante ya que no cuento con recursos . (I was working independently as a maintenance worker/cleaner, as well as working during the day for a tortilla producer. Due to the pandemic, the tortilleria has cut production and can no longer provide me with work. I’m a single mother and previously I was able to support myself and my son, but as of this moment I am unable to find a way to make ends meet. Please help!)

Chef de partys freelance en Pinch, Clasic Car Club (Freelance Catering Chef)

Nos dejaron sin trabajo desde el 8 de marzo sin reuniones ni fiestas ni nada nos dijieron que probable hasta el otro año lo poco que tenia lo ocupe para medicinas y algunos gastos de la casa como billes y renta pero ya debo Junio y asi Julio tambien creo estoy nerviosa Mi papá fallecio y ahora mama se quedara conmigo y que vamos hacer tengo 3 niños y soy madre soltera (I’ve been without work since March 8, due to a lack of gatherings, parties, etc., and we’ve been told not to expect work until next year. The little I had saved has been spent on medications, rent and other bills, and now I owe rent for both June and July. My father recently passed away, I’m caring for my mother who lives with me and my 3 kids. I’m a single mother and don’t know what we’re going to do. Please help!)

Busser at Merrion hotel

Before COVID-19 I was working at The Merrion Hotel, doing table cleaning and delivering food to the tables from the kitchen. I’ve been more than three months without work.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the main hurdle to my financial restoration efforts. It has significantly reduced my income over the past several weeks, as the condition of my current employment status is “UNEMPLOYED”. I am an immigrant from Colombia and ineligible to apply for an unemployment or get stimulus check from the government. The problem has saddled me with an undue financial burden that may further caused me to pay my home rent, groceries and pay my others bills. I would like to avoid that and hope you can help me remain in good standing by providing me a support from you.

Being said, I am taking actionable steps every single day to solve this financial crisis either by applying different jobs, asking peers to find me a job at the safest place possible, and am being proactive in finding solutions for monetary relief. But I am being helpless and almost hopeless until i discovered your page. I would really appreciate your time, support and any assistance you can offer during this situation. Thank you.

Laid off restaurant worker

I held two jobs as a bartender pre-covid and only one has re-opened. I have been told I would be brought back at full time but they have only offered me one shift a week. Which is clearly not enough to support myself with. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. I have student loans and am currently still in school, without any financial aid. The bills are piling up and the rent relief is going to be lifted soon so rent won’t be something we can delay any longer. Reaching out for anyone that can offer assistance. Thank you.

Line cook

No he trabajado mas que 10 horas en mi trabajo y eso no es para nada sufisiente y aparte necesito para mis medicamentos

I was a Busboy at Peppe Rosso Social Restaurant in China Town NY

I was a Busboy and I was well off paying my dues in becoming a server, when this pandemic hit the city, everything started going downhill since January for us, because people were afraid of going to chinatown for what they were reading in the news. February was the end of it for Peppe Rosso Social, the restaurant closed, and I’ve been without a job ever since. Im not collecting unemployment or anything, so its been really hard, a neighbor has been helping me with food and im going to the pantrys locations that are getting really really crowded, the struggle with nutrition has been real, since I am an hiv+ patient and I have to keep a healthy ingest. In all of this I haven’t been paying rent for obvious reasons and I owe my landlord $2,000 Dollars, anything can help me now to chip in on this debt and I would be so great full to you.

New York Tough!

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