Server captain at weddings

All the hotels, catering agencies, and private clients I had worked for cancelled their events in the beginning of March and it’s unclear when the industry will reopen. I was renting a loft/commercial space at the time and so couldn’t freeze rent because the law wouldn’t prevent my eviction. I’ve gone into debt to pay for housing. There is also a dental need I need to resolve urgently (extraction and bone graft).

Bartender/server at Bistango Restaurant

I’ve been out of a job for almost 5 months now because of the pandemic. I got sick from COVID-19 a couple of months ago and my family as well, creating extra expenses and situations we were not counting on lowering my savings to $0. We are facing an acumulative debt of Rent, food shortage and more. I am the only sustent of my parents and one niece, my dad is diabetic and I’m pre-diabetic making our situation very difficult too since we have to follow a particular type of diet and its making it really hard for us to accomplish.

Preparadora de ensaladas (Salad preparer)

Desde el día 15 de marzo mi trabajo tuvo que cerrar debido a la pandemia , desde entonces he estado en casa con mi hija cumpliendo con la cuarentena, pero es una situación muy difícil para mi pues soy madre soltera y mis ahorros se han agotado. Ya no puedo solventar mis gastos de renta, de necesidades básicas, pues dependía de mi trabajo para salir adelante económicamente. Me preocupa mucho esta situación pues no hay una certeza de cuándo abrirán nuevamente mi trabajo . (After March 15th my work closed because of the pandemic, I have been at home with my child complying with the quarantine orders, but its a difficult situation because I’m a single mother and all my savings are gone. I cant pay for rent, basic needs or food and I depend on work to get by economically. I’m really worried because I have no idea when my job will open again)

Barback en Sons of Essex (Barback at Sons of Essex)

Trabajaba como barback hasta que cerraron todo, era asistente del bartender y me ha afectado la panedemia porque ya no tengo para comer ni para pagar renta y belles, he conseguido comida en las escuelas pero estoy muy mal ya (I worked as a barback until everything closed, I helped out the bartenders and the pandemic has affected me because I don’t have anything to pay for food and rent, I have been getting food at schools but I’m really not doing well right now)

Food runner at mermaid 88 in New York NY

Trabajo como food runner pero el restaurante donde trabajo ha estado cerrado por 3 meses y mi situación actual es que estoy trabajando temporalmente en un tire shop pero lo que gano no es mucho y necesito ayudar para solventar algunas cosas como para a completar el pago de la renta y para la cómida de los hijos (I work as a food runner but the restaurant I work at has been closed for three months, and my current situation is that I am working temp in a tire shop but I don’t earn very much. I need help to solve some issues like paying my rent and buying food for my kids)

Food runner

Mi trabajo es repartir comida así los clientes que es mi servicio que yo brindo por causas de COVID 19 ya tiene 3 meses que no trabajo y por el cual busco ayuda para sostener ami familia gracias

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