I used to be sex worker before Covid hit and was diagnosed with Covid

I used to be sex worker , after losing job wasn’t able to pay rent or electricity bill or food on the table with my 4 small children. Whatever I made used to go rent bill and children need. After Covid hitted couldn’t get any job or get child care for my children. Thankfully ERAP helped me with rent and electricity
Right now I’m waiting for a new job , I’m behind rent electricity and bill. I could only have foodstamp for now.

Sex Worker

business has drastically dropped and has no money coming in. i need money for food and basic needs . anything helps 🙏

Trans massage/sex worker

I’m Transgender currently struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic. Clients aren’t coming in the same. And there’s days i go without Eating. Need financial Assistance 🙏

Indigenous Mother in need of help

I haven’t been able to make ends meet my father is out of work and cannot work because he is immunocompromised, we are behind in rent and we barely make it to buy enough groceries for me and my kids.
I’m a single mother indigenous really needing help, I’m trying not to quit my last class in order to graduate but work, rent due, bills and food is making me want to
I know not many people have paypal but I also have Venmo which is under my same email Veroninanyc@aol.com . I appreciate anything anyone gives me.

BIPOC sex worker with compromised immune system


Ever since NYC has been hit with covid, I haven’t had a gig since March 16th. It’s been 3 months and I’ve been going through every last cent in my savings. I do not qualify for unemployment and I’ve received donation amounts in the very beginning but all has run dry. I’m out of options and I cannot risk working again because of my compromised immune system. This is my primary job that helps pay everything including my medications. I’m behind on so many things it’s upsetting to be reminded.

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