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I’m a medical esthetician at a spa in Brooklyn. I have been out of work since March, without any possible way to continue work online. I had to take a huge dip out of my savings and as DACA recipient, my unemployment is barely cutting it. No date has been set as to when I will return to work, and even when I do (as hesitant as I am to do so due to the spike in recent cases) I doubt I will be making the same from tips and commissions as we are all financially unstable. I live alone with my daughter and thankfully we are both safe and healthy, but my anxiety and about the uncertainty of everything is a nightmare.

Most of my spending is going towards rent as I do not want to be late and have that additional headache of owing money. Even a small amount for bills would be a huge help. The idea of having service cut off for any reason would be the worst that could happen right now.

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