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For 10 years I have raised my 2 kids solely on my freelance work. I cleaned one house per week. I taught piano on a community piano. I tutored high needs kids in person. I taught in person math and science classes and ran after school clubs. We had little, but wanted for nothing. 2019 was full of hospitals and doctors as we worked to determine cause and path for one child’s chronic lung disease. All savings were spent surviving that year. Now Covid. Inside – all of the time. High risk – cannot go out. Zero income. Tiny amount of unemployment just started – not a livable income. We own no piano – so continuing to teach and transitioning this to online is not feasible. We don’t own a laptop or other devices for transitioning to online teaching. Food donations do not include allergy safe foods – so unfortunately are not a help. All bills are overdue and keep piling up. Being cooped up inside a tiny apt is not helping lung health…but neighbors not wearing masks makes it vital we stay in….until/maybe we can find a new location to be. Covid has made our lives h___l. We spent the first two months of Covid just plain hungry. Now we search for a way to help others – but need some help ourselves – – financial support to convert income to being virtual/at home income – because as a high risk family, we’ll be inside for much longer.

I need help with overdue bills and support for the coming month(s).
$1600 for each months rent.
$58 for phone bill/monthly
$200/month for food.
$125 to purchase 3 pairs of shoes (1 for each of us).
$75(+) for mental health help (yarn for knitting, sketch pad for drawing….)
$100 (+) for a camera to begin to earn some income from home (my phone is not a smart phone)
$75 for basic purchases like clean filters for our air filter.
$50 a fan that actually blows cool air. There is no a/c.

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Recipients accept donations via PayPal. If you do not have PayPal, you can contribute to the S4SNYC General Fund, and we will distribute it for you.

1) Fill in your donor information below and click the link Donate Now. You will be automatically connected to PayPal. PayPal will automatically record your donation on the recipient’s page.

2) In PayPal, fill out your payment info according to the instructions. Be sure to include the hashtag #solidarity4service or #s4snyc in the note section so that they’ll know where it’s from.

3) Feel damn good about helping someone out!

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