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Prior to COVID-19, I was tutoring my fellow college classmates and high school students in my area in person in my own free time in various subjects like chemistry and math. After COVID-19, there hasn’t been as much of a need for tutors and they have been replaced with free tutoring and resources, not making them necessary anymore. I used the money I earned from tutoring to help pay for books, class supplements and tuition (which isn’t completely covered by my honors program scholarship I receive).

I am in need of financial support to pay for a class to complete one of my majors. A major language class I was planning to take interferes with another major class (a science class with a lab) that I absolutely must take. This language class is only offered in the spring and after it there are 2 other classes I must take to complete the major. My school told me that that only way for me to complete both majors, I must take the language class offered in January through a study abroad program. It is either I take that class in January so I can graduate on time (May 2022) or drop that major altogether. But I have already dedicated so much time and effort to taking the prerequisite classes for the major and can’t just drop it, especially now. The cost and details for the program haven’t been released yet, But I’ve been told it’ll cost around $1600.

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