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I am a NYS licensed security guard, my first job is home a single mother of 5 my youngest 3 months old oldest 15 years old. Before co-ivd affected us all I worked close to 60 hours and received public assistance trying to make ends meet. Since the pandic i family assistance case has been closed i fought this daily and result is for the last 2 months i have received snap again. My son is having behavioral issues which lead to his removal of school not sure if that was legal. I am really having a hard time coping betweem clothing for them and back light bills rent gas and thier personal needs I am in a desperate need fpr help. Also counseling i feel helpless after fighting on a road to getting things in order again then backwards all over due to co-vid

I need 500 for my electric to not be interrupted
I need of fund for clothing and shoes for them all as they keep growing
Every stimulis check basically provided food everyday items mobile connections
Remote devices for my children
And a bassinet for 4 month old

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