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I have lost all my jobs because hotels are closed, airports are closed, people are not moving anywhere because they can not move and should not. This is the safe thing to do, especially because I am in New York which is hit so hard. However, I have a family of five to support. I have three daughters: two are in college and one is in high school. One daughter just finished her second year of college and she is in a medical school program. Her medical school program cost is not cheap with all the supplies and books she needs. She works with a used 2011 laptop to complete her homework and her tests at home. It is difficult for me to see and not be able to help. All of my daughters went to Specialized High Schools. My oldest daughter went to Bronx Science and my two youngest went to Stuyvesant. I always tell them school before anything and I would sell everything for them to complete school because in Bangladesh my wife and I never had the chance to. Gig driving was something and the only thing that came easy for an immigrant like me to quickly learn. Without it, I cannot pay the bills or pay my daughters tuitions, books, and supplies. Coronavirus has taken away my only means of paying for everything, and left my family in terrible circumstances. Any and every help is greatly appreciated.

Any help is greatly appreciated, but The most important thing for me, as a father, is my children’s education and buying supplies for them. Everything is online and they do not have the right supplies to continue to excel. I need $1000 or however much is possible to pay bills, for my 3 daughters’ school supplies and textbooks. Thank you, and I appreciate all the help.

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