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I ran my own business and did private events as well as community events to bring awareness to local agriculture and farming. Since the pandemic I have had to rebuild my e tire life. When the pandemic hit my now ex fiance kicked me out of our home with my two small children. I had to find a home and start over with next to nothing as well as losing my job. I have been playing catch up ever since and still haven’t gotten back on my feet. My goal has always been to help others in any way possible and to bring people together. It’s so cool to see people come together to help displaced workers during this pandemic. I know it’s troubled times for everyone. It’s been extra difficult with distance learning as a single parent to fond work and I also returned to college while looking for work in hopes working towards a degree may help me find a career again. I once swore I would never be in a spot to need help. It’s been difficult to accept that I need help due to circumstances outside my control like a worldwide pandemic. Nothing could’ve prepared me for it. I am working towards being on my feet and a better life every single day.

Rent 1000
Electric past due 1500
Car 316
Insurance 216
Phone 256
Groceries 200
Gas 250
Water 300
Clothing for my kiddos 400

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