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I am a contracted consultant hired by small businesses & individuals in the entertainment and educational industries. My biggest clients provides luxury services, business networking events and fashion events. Because of COVID all scheduled events have been cancelled in NYC. This is how most of my money is made as I provide event & production management services. No events means no income for me and this a strain for me who is a divorced mother of an 11yr old girl.

I need about $150 for my phone bill.
$100 for groceries.

I’m already juggling to pay rent and I don’t get food stamps or public assistance. To help out with my phonebill and groceries would be some relief.

PS. If you alll know anyone who has a laptop willing to donate- mine crashed and I cant afford a new one. Working from my phone is a hassle. (My PC is old and cant connect to the internet -how embarrassing I only use it for word documentation).

I need a laptop that is powerful enough to edit video (i make side money creating promo :30 sec- 1min videos for social media).

Thanks in advance.

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