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Mi trabajo es limpiar oficinas y departamentos ,lamentable por el corona virus me despidieron y necesito por favor que me ayuden de ser posible ,les agradesco por la buena voluntad Dios les bendiga (My job is to clean offices and apartments, unfortunately because of the Coronavirus I was fired and I need please help me if possible, I thank you for the good will God bless you)

700 renta, 250 bills, comida 200 y lo mas importante y que me preocupa es que mis hijas estan en un Highschool privado y debo pagar 1960 dólares si ustedes desean documentos que confirmen lo que digo les puedo enviar ,mis hijas son muy buenas estudiantes y no quiero quitarles sus sueños les pido me ayuden con una beca Dios les bendiga (I need $700 for rent, $250 for bills $250 for food and the most important thing and that worries me is that my daughters are in a private High School and I must pay $1960 dollars. If you want documents that confirm what I say I can send you, my daughters are very good students and I don’t want to take away their dreams. I ask you to help me with a scholarship. God bless you.)

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