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Hola Buenas Tardes Debido an Covid 19 sali del trabajo el 15 DE marzo.. Y tuve que ir a la emergencia el 17 ufff con mucho Sintomas a lo cual tuve qua mantener una Cuarentena obligatiria por licencia Medica Cuando volvieron a reabrir a finales DE Abril disminuyeron el personal y no estoy laborando . (Hello and good evening! Due to COVID-19, I lost my job on March 15. On the 17th I had to go to the emergency room because I was having symptoms, and then had to self-quarantine per medical advice. When I returned to my job on April 15, they had laid off many staff and I now have no work. This has has affected me both economically and emotionally. I am not receiving any assistance from the government, and can’t unless/until I acquire a change in status.)

300 para alquiler
200 qua me puedas servir para comida y Pagar el celular.

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