Waitress at Winslows Restaurant in Saratoga Springs

Hello, My name is Sarah and this has been the hardest year of my family’s life. I never imagined my children my husband or myself would ever see a pandemic as im sure many of you can say as well. My husband Josh and I along with our 2 young children ages 13 and 12 currently live in South Glens Falls in our home that we purchased back in 2017. It is a small town about 15min from Saratoga Springs Ny. I’ll start by saying in January of this year my husband at age 40 suffered a sudden unexpected heart attack while working at Target warehouse. He was rushed to the hospital and thankfully survived after sometime in the ICU. They installed a pacemaker and difibulator and he is home with us and is doing better thank god. His heart is currently still only working at 35% but we are hopeful it will continue to improve. He is extremely high risk so we have to be extremely careful because of Covid. If he got infected his chances of survival would be minimal. I have been a server for many years. In March I was unfortunately as so many others laid off from my serving position at Winslows Restaurant in Gansevoort where I had been employed for sometime. This was devastating not only because I loved my job, my coworkers and my customers but because I was now the sole provider for our family. I tried to find something else but things were closing down everywhere and with josh being so high risk it was next to impossible to keep him safe as well as my children. I applied for unemployment and after months of waiting and completely draining our saving I did receive it. We have been living on that week to week as I know so many others have been as well. Ive been trying to budget the best i can and stretch what we have to keep the lights on and make sure we have food to eat and pay what bills I can. Our kids are full virtual so they are also home during the day and anyone with kids knows how hard it is to afford food and make it last. I am asking for help now because as the year is coming to an end are savings is gone and if congress doesnt pass something the unemployment will stop and im not sure what that would mean for our financial future come January. I know so many people are feeling the exact same way and that is absolutely terrifying to say the least. Any amount of money right now would be so helpful for my family. Thank you for your time in reading this. Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe!!

Independent Musician working from home

I am a Cleveland, OH native R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. As a proud second generation Liberian, she fuses her culture, passion for fashion and language into her works. Her eclectic sound and sultry stanzas mixed with her femcee flare are all exhibited on her previous work Memoirs of Mai Moxi and newly released album Nymphaea: https://fanlink.to/maimoxi Right now I have spent every dime to my name of get this idea off the ground. In hopes to increase my streams, I have spent a lot of money of ads and video promotion and now cannot pay my immediate needs to survive such as rent, car note, care insurance and groceries. I am meeting with a free financial advisor next week to better budget my money to bring my ideas to life but due to COVID, I spend my last dimes on my art and not to survive and I can no longer afford to.

freelance tutor for high school and college students

Prior to COVID-19, I was tutoring my fellow college classmates and high school students in my area in person in my own free time in various subjects like chemistry and math. After COVID-19, there hasn’t been as much of a need for tutors and they have been replaced with free tutoring and resources, not making them necessary anymore. I used the money I earned from tutoring to help pay for books, class supplements and tuition (which isn’t completely covered by my honors program scholarship I receive).

Former Line Cook, lost job due to COVID-19


Thank You so much for making this grant available for former employees that have lost their job due to COVID-19. I feel very fortunate to have the support individual grassroots foundations alike.

I am a chef that has recently been laid off from COVID-19. I am asking for 1 month’s coverage of the bare necessities for survival: rent, utilities (electric), wifi, and essential food/pantry items. I have no dependents, however I do split my all the necessities between my roommate and I. We do not share the cost of food.

Share the love, share #S4SNYC
Please spread the word far and wide to friends, coworkers, or anyone that’s eaten at a restaurant at some point in their lives, who may be interested in showing some solidarity now!

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