I work from home, have 5 kids, I’m not available to work because of the safety of my family, my kids they are all home now under my supervision

Cook without income

Before covid I was working as a pastry cook in a healthy food company with the covid19 the business went down, there is no more sales so I don’t have an income. My husband is a cook too and he is at home too because his job closed since March 14. He was the main support of my family and now we are desperate to get money to pay rent our savings are gone. We don’t know when our jobs are going to open so our future is uncertain and We are afraid to don’t be able to keep a place for our 2 kids.
Thanks for any support!

Babysitter, Volleyball Coach, Tutor

There is no more care needed, I’ve been reaching out, I haven’t signed up for any funds, and it’s impossible to do unemployment as a gig person. No one needs tutoring, and I had so much lined. up but everyone canceled. My volleyball coaching job was completely canceled as well, which has left me to rely on the family that is also struggling with anything that helps. COV-19 has put me in a situation I’ve never thought I’d be on, having to borrow money and not being able to help my mother, leaving us short in food, paying rent, and worrying about other utility bills. I live in a single-parent home, I’m a college student with 3 other siblings.

Busboy in baekjeong NYC in Manhattan

I was 1 of many busboy over there, working in Baekjeong NYC for almost 1 year, since the pandemic start I have not been working for more than 3 months, my wife is pregnant of 7 months, for now We usually go to a please where I take some free food, I don’t pay last month of rent, I live with my brother who also lost his job, and with my grandmother. Hope this end soon so I can go back to work.

Cocinera (Cook)

Estaba encargada de la preparación de postres saludables en una compañía, por el momento no hay ventas y no tenemos trabajo, mi esposo que también es cocinero también está sin ingresos ya q su restaurante cerró y llevamos desde marzo 14 sin trabajar, no calificamos para ayuda del gobierno y nuestros ahorros se acabaron, ya no tenemos como pagar renta, ni las utilidades es una situación desesperante y nuestras hijas como niños no entienden la angustia…

Runner and house cleaning

Trabajaba en un restaurante el cual tuvo q cerrar por el covid 19, en la casa q trabajaba haciendo limpieza no he vuelto porq ya no necesitan ayuda ya q ellos están trabajando desde casa. En pocas palabras perdí las dos fuentes de trabajo q tenia.

Cocinera (Cook)

Perdí mi trabajo desde marzo debido a esta pandemia hasta la fecha no he podido encontrar trabajo tanto mi pareja como yo tengo 3 niñas pequeñas que mantener pero más me preocupa pagar mi renta ya que debo 3 meses (I lost my job in March because of the pandemic, and to date I have not been able to find another job. My partner and I have three small children to care for, and I’m worried about paying rent because I owe three months.)

Cocinero en restaurantes (Restaurant Cook)

Me quede sin trabajar desde marzo 13 y no tengo ingresos y por lo tanto no puedo pagar mi renta y las comidas soy padre de 2 hijos de 10. Y 8 años. Y mi esposa somos 4. (I have been without work since March 13th and without any kind of income. I cannot pay my rent or food, I am the father of two children, ages 10 and 8. With my spouse we are 4 people.

Indigenous woman in need of help

I haven’t been able to make ends meet my father is out of work and cannot work because he is immunocompromised, we are behind in rent and we barely make it to buy enough groceries for me and my kids.
I’m a single mother indigenous really needing help, I’m trying not to quit my last class in order to graduate but work, rent due, bills and food is making me want to

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