Actor at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and elderly volunteer in handyman services.

I was an actor at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where I performed in 2-3 plays in repertory, meaning I would do one play in the afternoon and an entirely different play at night. I also led school tours for visiting students. I was scheduled to be on contract through the end of October but was laid off in March due to COVID-19, essentially losing an entire year’s work. I live in Ashland, Oregon with my wife and two young kids, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is IT for union actors in the area. It’s not LA or NY where I could possibly find other work in my location. And due to Governor Brown stating the live events will not return to Oregon until a vaccine is found, I have no prospect of returning to work until late 2021 – also restated by the Artistic Director of the festival. My income loss amounts to over $55,000. This includes another play I received an offer for in the winter of 2020 that was since rescinded due to the virus.

To further devastate our financial and family situation, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, with her treatment already costing thousands of dollars – even with health coverage. She still has her job thankfully, but will need to use up the entirety of her sick and vacation time, and will need to miss work for her care. I will also have increased childcare costs so I can attend to her while she receives treatment.

We are in the middle of any family’s worst nightmare. I am humbly requesting any financial support that can be provided.

Mecánico de equipo de cocina (Kitchen Equipment Repair)

Soy mecánico que arregla el equipo de cocina ,como hornos , food warmer todo lo que es caliente. por el virus, los clientes cerraron los restaurantes y donde trabajo me mandaro no me pudieron mantener ya que no hay mucho trabajo. (I am a mechanic who fixes kitchen equipment like ovens and food warmers. Because of the virus, my clients closed their restaurants and the place I work told me that they couldn’t keep me on since there wasn’t a lot of work.)

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Media Check out #Solidarity4Service in the news below! Coverage on New York 1 with Frank DiLella. Credits to: NY1 Testimonials “Solidarity4Service has been a lifesaver for both my wife and I during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working as a bartender and server in the New York restaurant industry has been a passion of ours since … Read More “Media & Testimonials”

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Solidarity4Service (also called S4SNYC) was co-founded by two former service industry workers, Jenice and Carlyn, who became friends while working together in a restaurant in Manhattan. They now work in mental health and public policy. In the weeks leading up to the shutdown, we kept hearing from more and more friends that their hours had … Read More “About Us”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE4/22/2020 CONTACT:Carlyn Cowen | 919-637-6866 | ***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Former Restaurants Workers Launch Platform That Has Transferred $25,000 Directly To Service Industry and Gig Workers Impacted by COVID-19 Shutdowns In the month since restaurants and non-essential businesses shut down, former restaurant workers launched a mutual aid platform called Solidarity4Service to allow people to … Read More “News”


Resources List Eviction Prevention/ Prevención de Desalojos All eviction proceedings and orders, as well as housing court appearances have been suspended (NYCHA and private). The Metropolitan Council on Housing’s Tenants’ Rights Hotline offers service in Spanish and English at 212-979-0611. Se han suspendido todos los órdenes de desalojo, así como las apariciones en tribunales de vivienda (NYCHA … Read More “Resources”

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