Former Line Cook, lost job due to COVID-19


Thank You so much for making this grant available for former employees that have lost their job due to COVID-19. I feel very fortunate to have the support individual grassroots foundations alike.

I am a chef that has recently been laid off from COVID-19. I am asking for 1 month’s coverage of the bare necessities for survival: rent, utilities (electric), wifi, and essential food/pantry items. I have no dependents, however I do split my all the necessities between my roommate and I. We do not share the cost of food.


Yo trabajaba de lavaplatos en un restaurante lo cual cerró por la pandemia desde el 16 de marzo lo cual no tengo ni trabajo ni ingresos y tengo gastos atrasados porque ya son muchos meses

Waiter at the Alehouse

Hi! My name is McKenna and I need help. I am a student but I would like to remain anonymous . I have a one year old daughter and we are staying in a car. Just recently I left her father after two years of abuse. I ended up getting away with only a black eye, broken ribs, and a bruised chest. I’m lucky it wasn’t my life. I am employed but my hours are cut. My ex drained my bank accounts and left me with nothing. I’m sleeping in my car with a one year old. So please if you are able to help me any amount will be appreciated. I just want to be able to get us some food and a hotel tonight all I need is my daughter to have a meal. Please. My CashApp is $kennacage or PayPal my best friend and she will make sure to send the funds to me @destinychey5


Hola mi nombre es jaoe guerra y antes era yo busser en un restaurant en astoria queens pwro desde que la pandemia llego no t ego trabajo y realemtne no he pagado mi renta ni mi luz y aveces no tengo para comer soy vih positivo

Free lance web designer, entrepreneur and caregiver for the elderly

Hi I’m Enysia I’m a freelance graphic designer where I do graphic design in my free time as a extra source of income to help save up for my small business that I wish to start soon before I finish high school. I also help take care of the elderly by helping them clean their homes, do small chores such as laundry, caring for their pets, and running errands for a little extra money to help my family pay bills. Covid has impacted me by taking away 1 of my main incomes which was caring for the elderly due to them being at higher risk for covid which is starting to impact my family by putting us behind in bills since everyone cant pitch in.

Limpieza de casas

soy madre soltera d 3 niños y anteriormente trabajaba en limpieza de casas o niñera devido al panademia perdi el empleo y hoy en día tengo problemas para pagar la renta de mi hogar y aveces para comprar alimentos y otros servicios

Extra en un restaurante

Perdi mi trabajo desde 15 de marzo. Difícil situación y soy madre solrera…no tengo empleo en este momento y no tengo recursos para mi hijo y para mi….estamos pasando necesidades.

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Please spread the word far and wide to friends, coworkers, or anyone that’s eaten at a restaurant at some point in their lives, who may be interested in showing some solidarity now!

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