Full time single mother of 5 nys licensed security officer previously in a nursing home.

I am a NYS licensed security guard, my first job is home a single mother of 5 my youngest 3 months old oldest 15 years old. Before co-ivd affected us all I worked close to 60 hours and received public assistance trying to make ends meet. Since the pandic i family assistance case has been closed i fought this daily and result is for the last 2 months i have received snap again. My son is having behavioral issues which lead to his removal of school not sure if that was legal. I am really having a hard time coping betweem clothing for them and back light bills rent gas and thier personal needs I am in a desperate need fpr help. Also counseling i feel helpless after fighting on a road to getting things in order again then backwards all over due to co-vid

server /waitress at Tinys Dinner Riverdale

i worked at tinys dinner and lost my job due to covid last year when covid was on a rise and told my boss wont be coming for 2 weeks as my babies day care shut down due to the pandemic and he asked me not to come anymore.. ever since i have been out of job… i do some small gigs of house keeping and cleaning once in a while these days… my daughter is 2 now and she is the only once who is a US national and my son who is 15 and my self we are undocumented and dont get any federal benefits. also i get SNAP benefits but only for my daughter .

Screenwriter in shows

I work as screenwriter in shows for children and adults. I lost my job because of Covid-19 and don’t have any help because I’m undocumented immigrant. So I have horrible time since pandemic start. I spend all my savings for this time, have part time job couple of times, but don’t have stable job since pandemic start. Now I leave in a room which cost 600$ and even don’t have money to pay for this, so I’m at risk to going to the shelter. I’m a single woman and don’t have relatives or friends in USA.

Yo era paseador de perros

Mi trabajo era pasear perros, yo fui a llamado a trabajar en la empresa de un conocido la cual se dedicaba a al paseó de perros individualmente, cada perro tenía su horario, se sacaba uno a la vez y así se manejaba el trabajo. Cuando la pandemia empezó ya no pude seguir trabajando y como indocumentado no pude tener acceso a los pagos por desempleo que ofrecía el gobierno. Y como se podrán imaginar ya llevo varios meses sin pagar renta, y la situación cada vez es más apretada. Gracias a las ayudas para alimentos de la ciudad he tenido algo para comer si no quien sabe donde estaría ahora.

Former bartender at now closed ClancysTavern

Wanted to make us all laugh because the baby I’ve been staying in a hotel paying weekly since covid and now with the restrictions being lifted the hotel is no longer taking weekly gusts because the summer is coming up I have to move out by the Thursday before Memorial Day and I have some money saved but not enough to get first last and security at a place and all the hotels Skyrocket around here because I’m on a New Jersey Shore and I won’t be able to afford a weekly rate at a hotel

Food vendors

Trabajo un carro de comida y en marzo la ciudad cerro y me quede sin trabajo durante muchos meses por el cov19 mi familia y yo pasamos momentos muy duros. Ahora trabajo dos o tres dias por semana y sigue siendo dificil pagar nuestra Renta.

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